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Before owning my current car at the age of 23 I've managed to work my way through four other cars. 

The 1st was a Mazda 323 1.3 ('83A). I was given this car by my father, who'd bought it as a write-off from an insurance company for £27.50. The whole of the front end had been smashed in and he had repaired it, just to collect dust in his garage. So obviously after passing my test I was more than happy to take it off his hands. The fun factor of driving this car was enormous, it did 60mph in second gear and the number of stupid things I did in it were countless. It was a miracle when I owed it that it wasn't a write-off for a second time in its life. 

The next came my first Volvo, another write off with front end damage. It was a light metallic gray 340 GLE 1.7 ('89F). I love it until the day I became too cocky and tried sliding the back end out on a right-hand bend at 50 MPH only to find a car coming the other way. Unfortunately for me I had a boot full of gear which gathered momentum as I tried to regain control. I managed to miss the oncoming car but by this time a pendulum effect had taken over and I was totally out of control. I hit the front door of a cottage 50m down the road with the front off-side corner of the car. This spun the car around 180 degrees to smack the rear off-side corner into the wall of the same said cottage. Once again the car was a write off!!.

My third car was again a Volvo 340 GLE 1.7. This time it was a bit old in the tooth, a '87D. As a result I stripped the car down to it's shell and rebuilt it with the parts from the written off 340 and I mean everything, inertia, suspension, brakes, discs, calipers, engine, gearbox, the works.

The forth was again a Volvo, this time a red 480 2.0 ES ('93L). To say this went round corners like it was on rails would be an understatement! I loved it. It had all the power I required at the time and handling to die for.

After two years of driving the 480 I wanted more power and so I went for my current car, a Volvo S70 T5 SE.