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This '97 Volvo SE T5 began its life as an undercover police car in Perth, Inverness. I bought the car from a trader who had in turn just bought it from an auction house in Scotland at the beginning of 2001. When I took collection of it there were 103,000 miles on the clock. It came with relatively few holes and screw marks, which many other ex-police cars I've seen have. Inside the storage bin, in the centre console there's a hole where wires had once ran. Also the coin holder had been mutilated to feed wires through, but that was easily replaced!. Some screw holes are in the centre console on the passengers side foot well and also on the rear parcel shelf where they'd obviously had a set of lights mounted on the speaker covers. But over all at first glance the interior is relatively untouched and you have to look hard to find these holes. 

Behind the grill the Police had also mounted some blue lights but they'd been taken out (spoil sports) and only left me with a few drill holes!! The only other noticeable features to make this car stand out as an ex-police car was a 100 Amp hour battery and the ½m HF aerial. 

One problem I did come across when I bought the car was the logbook. Unfortunately when I came to tax the car I found out that it came under a Police Taxation class instead of Private Light Goods (PLG). As a result I had to send the logbook away to be changed before I could tax the car. 

The car came with a set of five Volvo Perfo alloys with Goodyear Eagle F1's all round. These were low on tread and after a month I invested in a new set of Pirelli Pzero's. Over all I didn't notice any difference in tyre performance both tyres giving more than adequate grip for normal/fast road use, in wet and dry conditions. The only noticeable difference between the two brands was the appearance, the Goodyear's looking far more aggressive with their V-shaped tread pattern compared to the Pirelli's more standard looking tread.

12 months of normal/fast road driving, including some very fast country road driving and many motorway miles has put pay to the Pirelli’s on the front of the car, which needed replacing after 15,000 – 20,000 miles. The rear Pirelli’s at this point were still in reasonably good shape (about 5-6 mm of treat still left). As the new Goodyear F1’s (GS-D3) have just been launched with “slick tyre technology”, always a sucker for advertising! I thought I’d try them out on the front of the car. Limited cash flow has prevented a full set being fitted. On first impressions, they certainly look the part and i haven't noticed any difference in grip or performance. Pictures of the F1's are shown below."

car_and_new_tyre_side_view.jpg (101549 bytes)    new_tyre_side_view.jpg (93837 bytes)

Since buying the car I've destroyed the old police battery (due to the sound system!!) and had to replace it with a Optima Yellow Top battery. Other modifications include a K & N high-flow drop in panel filter, Magnetic GTX synthetic oil 10W/40 and Bosch Platinum spark plugs.

Under Bonnet..jpg (61366 bytes)

Engine B5234 T 2.3 litre (2319 cc) 20 - valve turbocharged
Compression ratio 8.5:1      
Compression pressure 11 - 13 bar      
Firing order  1-2-4-5-3      
Power  240 hp at 5100rpm      
Torque 330Nm/45-85 rps      
Dimensions  472 cm (Length) 176 cm (Width) 142 cm (Height)  
Turning circle 10.6 m (turbo)      

18 Mph (Urban)

27 Mph (Motorway)

22 Mpg (Average)

Top Speed 147 Mph      
0-60 7.3 Seconds      



Future Plans for the car are: