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After owning an ex-police Volvo T5 for 12 months, Iíve now invested in a second one. A white S70 T5, what better base car to start a project with, to produce a fully marked replica police car, with reflective blue and yellow stripes, a chevron rear end, and blue lighting bar. The car came totally standard.

The first step in the project was finding a company who produced reflective stripes to make up replica blue and yellow stripes to go down the side of the car and chevrons for the rear. Thanks to the people at Halo Bluelite, who had the tempates already made up, the reflective chevrons weren't a problem. The recovery industry helped out with the lighting bar and it was just a case of changing the amber lens for a blue one. Iíve even added additional aerials to give the authentic look.

The car has also been fitted with Vascar (Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder) coupled with a calibrated speedometer, this was carried out by a company in Nottingham. In addition to this, a small video camera has been mounted on the dash and connected to a video recorder that superimposes the speed, time and date from the Vascar unit. I've also added a control box for the flashing lights and to finish it all off I've included a mock police radio in the center console, as shown below.