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The only police modifications the car came with was a m HF aerial, a few drill holes and a extra red button on the center console, which wasn't wired up and can be seen on the picture below (just behind the gear stick).

I've since connected the HF aerial to the car radio aerial to keep the appearance of the unmarked police car.

New additions included a 12" LED display mounted on the rear parcel shelf together with two blue strobe lights mounted on either side of the LED display (for show use only, of course!).

Also I've wired up the rear fog lights with a timer relay together with some diodes so that I can have either both fog lights on or at the press of a button flash them alternately with the blue strobes. For the front I have another heavy duty timer relay which flashes the main beams alternately but hasn't been installed yet.

Below is the circuit diagram for the rear lights (animated above). This includes the fog lights and the blue strobes. The advantage to this set up is I can use both fog lights from the normal switch on the dash, in bad conditions and when they are switched off at the dash I can use the second switch on the centre console to start the flasher relay without any feed back in the circuit.

All I need need now is the siren and the car's back to it's original police state before I bought it!!!