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As with all Volvo brakes I couldn't fault them for stopping power, however I'd heard rumours that the Volvo S/V70's tended to suffer from brake fade after moderate to heavy use and how right they are. After 10 minutes of fast country back-road driving the brake fade was very noticeable. Hence the reason for the brake upgrade. After searching the whole of the UK for Brembo combination grooved and cross drilled discs I gave up and went for the Black Diamond versions instead (front and rear). At the same time I also got some Black Diamond stainless steel braided brake pipes and EBC Greenstuff pads. The whole fitting was relatively straight forward, all the parts fitting where they should do and I was very happy with the results which are shown below.

Click on the front or rear wheels above to view close up images

Close Up Of Front  Caliper & Brake Pads.jpg (36414 bytes)        Front Brake Pipe.jpg (49660 bytes)        Front Disc & Caliper...jpg (61273 bytes)        Front Disc & Caliper..jpg (58987 bytes)        Rear Disc & Caliper.jpg (44140 bytes)

At the same time I changed the brake fluid to a synthetic high temperature boiling point brake fluid (Comma Dot 4) to stop any possibility of spongy brakes.       

After fitting and bedding the brakes in I gave the car another spin on the back-roads and the brake fade had gone, leaving me with powerful braking into every corner. The only noticeable difference is under heavy braking there is a noticeable vibration/noise from the pads as they bite into the grooves of the disc.